PSA regarding Puppet template variables and default values

Inside of a Puppet template, you would think that one of these would work to set a default value for something not explicitly defined in your manifest:

It doesn’t. This will clobber the variable, every time.

To understand why this happens, you need to consider two critical pieces of information:

  1. The architecture of Puppet is stupidly complicated, which leads to unexpected behaviors all over the place.
  2. Because Puppet variables are lazy-loaded, they need to reinvent how variables are accessed in the ERb templating system. The Puppet developers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do this by using method_missing and dumping leaky abstractions all over the place.

To summarize, the reason this doesn’t work is because there really isn’t a variable named my_var at all. ERb tries to find a symbol called my_var and can’t, because that thing that looks like a variable is really syntactic sugar over something completely different happening under the covers.

The correct way to do this is to force a lookup through the scope object as follows:

The more vested I get in Puppet, the more I want to try out Chef.


  1. I initially started out with Chef. The documentation is a pain to get through, but once you get it, you will flow. Puppets files are almost the same as Chef’s.

    These systems can only get better of course, but both feel like hacks.

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