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Hi there! My name is Jeff Goldschrafe. I’m currently employed as a site reliability lead with rabb.it, an awesome company and the best way to experience multimedia content with friends like you’re in the same room.

I’ve been in information technology professionally since I was sixteen years old, working verticals from education to web hosting and roles from software development through the management of a large team of systems engineers. This blog is my attempt to long-form document this journey, and I hope we have some interesting discussions!


  1. Hello Jeff. I’m a systems engineer too. Cool blog.


  2. I would like to monitor IBM DS 4200, 4300 & 4700 storages using your plugin. The monitoring parameters are,

    Total LUN’s & Failure of LUN drives. (Physical drives)
    Total Arrays & Failure detection of any of those arrays
    Health & Performance

    So, if possible, let me know what script you have used with proper documentation if you have.

  3. The numbers for IOPS gained by dividing 1 sec by I/O time in ms. assumes 100% utilization of the disk – this is not a good thing. Sensible rates will be the calculated one x 0,4 (40% utilization).

  4. Some damn weird comments on this page, Jeff. You seem to attract lost souls wandering the Internet.

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